Yiheng Xie

Brown University

B.Sc. Computer Engineering


I am an incoming PhD student at Caltech CMS, where I will be advised by Steven Low and Adam Wierman. My research interests lie in the control, modeling and optimization of sustainable energy systems. I am currently on gap year, working in the energy industry before starting my PhD studies in September 2023.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering at Brown University. I worked with Professor Michael Littman for three years at Human-Centered Robotics Initiative focusing on sample-efficient reinforcement learning. At Brown Visual Computing research group, I spearheaded the review project: Neural Fields in Viusal Computing for CVPR’22 Tutorial and EG’22 State-of-the-Art Report.

I have also spent some time in the industry. I worked on data-driven solutions to accelerate Rhode Island’s sustainable energy transition at AWS ETHOS Hub, a not-for-profit organization. I was a researcher at Unity Technologies for two years, building industry-leading 3D reconstruction pipelines. Prior, I worked in several start-up companies applying machine learning to problems in vision and natural languages.

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  1. Eurographics
    Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond
    Yiheng Xie, Towaki Takikawa, Shunsuke Saito, Or Litany, Shiqin Yan, Numair Khan, Federico Tombari, James Tompkin, Vincent Sitzmann, and Srinath Sridhar
    Eurographics STARs 2022
  2. AAAI Workshop
    Learning Generalizable Behavior via Visual Rewrite Rules
    Yiheng Xie, Mingxuan Li, Shangqun Yu, and Michael Littman
    AAAI Workshop 2022
  3. Carbon
    Shear failure in supported two-dimensional nanosheet van der Waals thin films
    Cintia Castilho, Dong Li, Yiheng Xie, Huajian Gao, and Robert Hurt
    Carbon 2021